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We are super lucky at my school and are 1-to-1 with iPads in the classroom! This is amazing and I’m so grateful that we have technology at everyone’s finger tips! This year I wanted each child to use the exact same iPad every time. It helps with log-ins and makes it easier when students are working on iMovie and Keynote type projects.  To help make this easier and manageable in the classroom, I’ve done two things.

1. I put a number label on the back of each iPad. Yes, simple, I know.  I just took an Avery address label and numbered every iPad.  Each child has their own number in class and now they know which iPad is their iPad.

2.  I can’t show a full picture of this due to privacy, but I also came up with another way of “labeling” the iPads.  For the locked screen, I put a picture of the child whose iPad it is. In that picture they are also holding up their number.  So, there are two identifying factors. This makes it easy for my iPad helpers to quickly pass out the iPads.

TPT Back to School Bonus Sale – Tuesday ONLY & a Giveaway


Great news! TPT is having a Back to School Bonus Sale.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 22nd my store – Jordan Johnson – will be up to 25% off with the code BTSBONUS.  Check out a few of my favorite products below! These are all included in the sale.

Opinion Writing Prompts Cards – Perfect for teaching the opinion standards – W1.1 and W2.1.  Includes 30 different writing prompt cards.
Opinion Writing Prompt Cards
Would You Rather – Opinion Writing Prompts – This is one of my newer products. It also covers the opinion standard. This packet includes 60 writing prompts. Each writing prompt is a different would you rather question and the topics include school, home, sports, animals, and more.
Would You Rather... - Opinion Writing Prompt Cards
Graphing Galore Bundle – This bundle includes my 3 very popular graphing products – Graphing in 2nd Grade, Learning About Line Plots, and Create Your Own Graph Project. Perfect to cover all of your second grade graphing standards!
Graphing Galore BUNDLE
Surprises According to Humphrey Book Study – My students always love working on book studies during small group time.  The Humphrey book is always popular because who can resist a cute hamster.  I also have other book studies available in my store…
Surprises According to Humphrey - Book Study
I’m also hosting a giveaway for a $10 TPT Gift Card that could be used during the boost sale tomorrow. Head to my Instagram account to enter….Team J’s Second Grade Fun Instagram

Friday Favorites – Postponed this week


Due to Meet the Teacher today and school starting Monday, this week was a little busier than planned.  I’m going to postpone my scheduled Friday Favorites and move it to next week. So, next week check back for my favorite ideas for building classroom community.

Have a great weekend!

How I use IPEVO In My Classroom


I was very lucky at past schools to have a document camera and a Smart Board. At my current school, when I first arrived we didn’t have either. We did have a projector, an awesome Mac Computer, and an iPad. I could live without a Smart Board, but the whole not having a document camera threw me.  I was used to being able to project worksheets, projects, activities, etc up on the board so students could see exactly what it was like. It was weird not being able to do that.  But, two technology pieces came to the rescue (well three if you include the iPad I already had) – the Just Stand and the app IPEVO.

Image result for ipevo app
With the app IPEVO, the stand, and my iPad, I now had the makings of a document camera. The Just Stand is amazing!  You can move it, turn it, etc, but I tend to keep it level and use it only as a document camera. My iPad fits in the top and using the camera or the IPEVO app you can project whatever is below it.
Here my student is projecting her story on the board using the Just Stand, app IPEVO on camera mode, and the iPad.
As you can see from the picture above it works pretty much like a document camera would. It projects whatever is underneath it. I can use it to project student work and can use it to write and show kids something we’re working on! I love that I’m now able to have the functions of a document camera.
It also has another option that let’s you actually write on the iPad.  You can do this in camera mode or just on a blank white board of sorts.  I use this all the time for spelling and phonics activities and for math.  I’ll just write a problem on my “white board” (iPad with IPEVO app) and then the kids will solve it on their white boards.  It’s much quicker to erase than writing it on the real white board and I can walk around and monitor the room while I’m writing.
So there was a quick peek at how I use the IPEVO app.  Do you have a document camera in your classroom or do you use other tech pieces? Comment below….

How I use In My Classroom

Image result for

Do you use coding in your classroom? If not, you have to try  Coding is such an important part of technology. And, as we know, jobs that our students will be doing in the future most of them will heavily rely on technology.  I always thought coding was just a bunch of numbers and gibberish and never quite understood it. However, after using myself (I made myself a student account) I’ve learned right along with my students.

Set-up is super easy and free.  Go to, click sign-in, and click on create a free account. It is free which is amazing because the lessons are valuable and there are many levels.  Once you create a teacher account you are able to create a class account and then student accounts. It is simple to do and once it’s done you are ready to go!  
How I Use It:
The first time my students worked on coding I modeled step by step how to log in.  Once they were logged in, they were good to go on their own. starts students in Course 1 and moves them through at their own pace.  I teach second grade so Course 1 was a good starting point for my students and myself. provides videos to explain what to do and has fun activities for practice. For example, some of the activities require them to set-up code to move the characters around from Angry Birds.  Each lesson builds and gets more complicated as it goes.  
Students loved it and wanted to code during free time, which I was fine with. Some even chose to work on coding during Fun Friday.  I did have a dedicated block of time each week for coding.  During Morning Meeting, on Tuesdays, I called it “Tech Tuesday” and kids would code for the activity.  Students can also work on it at home. There is a little slip you can print that has the log-in information for home use.

Once a student finishes a course level there is a certificate you can print out. The kids love being recognized for their hard work!

Do you use If so, what is your favorite part? Write me in the comments below…

How I Use Kahoot in My Classroom

Today I’m excited to share one of my favorite apps with you that I mentioned in my Friday Favorites – Favorite Tech Apps – Kahoot! Kahoot is an app that is new to me this year and the kids and I both fell in love with it! They would request that we used it and they’d be disappointed on days when we didn’t.

Image result for kahoot

I used Kahoot as a way to review content that I had already taught in the classroom.  It’s a great way to do review without the kids having to do 20 problems on a worksheet.  Our school is 1-to-1 with iPads, which helps, but Kahoot can be done as a whole class, partnerships, teams, or independently.  I have used the multiple choice type questions, but I know they have other options too.
I like Kahoot because you can create your own quizzes.  They do have a bank where you can search for already made Kahoots, but I often prefer to create my own.  Creating your own is nice because you can tailor it to the specific way you’ve taught, specific vocabulary you’ve used, and your school’s specific standards.
Below is an example of one of the Kahoots I created for my class.  I would create a new one each week that went along with our Journey’s story.  We would do the Kahoot on Thursday to help review for the test on Friday. I would include vocabulary questions, grammar questions, and phonics questions.  
Below you’ll see all of the Kahoots I’ve created. The wonderful thing is these are saved for next year.  So once you’ve created it, you’ll have it to use year after year and won’t have to recreate things.  
Here is an example of what the questions and answer options look like.  When you are creating the Kahoot, you have an option to have 2-4 answer choices.  You can also have more than one correct answer.
Below is an example of one of the searches I did on Kahoot. We do a unit on 3D shapes and I thought it would be fun to review the shape names and attributes using Kahoot.  It did work well, but I suggest you look closely at the Kahoot before the kids complete it.  Since these are created by other people, there are sometimes mistakes and often they don’t teach the exact content you teach so you want to make sure it fits your class.
I know this was a quick post, but I want to leave you with a few of the reasons why I love using Kahoot in my classroom…
  • The kids love it and they are engaged.
  • It provides instant feedback. Once the answers are in or the time is up, the correct answer is shown.
  • All students can play and participate. Sometimes too it’s fun to break it up into teams and partners. They get quite competitive with the points!
  • Great review of content and it’s not a worksheet. I’m not a fan of worksheets. While I know paper is necessary for some tasks, I don’t think kids need to be doing worksheets all day long. I love that Kahoot reviews the content, but in a different format then a worksheet.
  • Quick and easy to make!

Friday Favorites – Tech Apps


Every Friday this summer I am sharing some of my favorite things with you! The month of July is focused on technology and academic areas.

Check out past Friday Favorites…
PD Books
Read Alouds
Kids’ Favorite Series
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Today I’m sharing some of my favorite apps to use in the classroom. We are very lucky because each teacher has their own iPad to use in the classroom and we are 1 to 1 for students too.  A few of these apps are for students and a few are more for teachers. Stay tuned for some additional blog posts coming soon about these awesome tech apps!

Kahoot – My students and I both love Kahoot! I started using it this year and primarily used it to review content.  It’s kind of like a quiz, but also like a game show. Students can play as a class, in teams, partnerships, and individually.  On Tuesday, I’m sharing a blog post where I go more in depth with how I used Kahoot in my classroom.
Image result for kahoot

Xtra Math – Xtra Math is another great student app.  This is a good way for kids to practice fact fluency. It starts them off with an assessment to see where they are at and then provides them practice on areas where they struggled.  It has little “games” like Race the Teacher and is constantly monitoring their progress.  On the teacher sign-in, it’s very easy to keep up with the kids, see whose been practicing, and see where they are at. I really like how it’s quick practice.  It has them do about 5 minutes and then they are done for the day. Quick, easy, and to the point!
Image result for xtra math

Code.Org – I love, love, love coding and so do the kids.  With the importance of technology, the number of jobs in technology that exist now, and the number of technology jobs that will exist when our students graduate – technology is a skill that they need! Coding is also a skill they need. provides practice at their pace. I’ve even tried it out and it’s quite fun. I wish they had this around when we were kids! Stay tuned…I have an additional blog post coming on this one too!
Image result for

MobyMax – MobyMax is a great all-around educational review. It provides options to practice math, reading, language, vocabulary, writing, and more.  I like that it starts with an assessment and then gives the students lessons based on their needs.  They also work through lessons at their own pace. This app/website is great for differentiation!
Image result for mobymax

Class Dojo – This is more of a teacher app, but still a good one.  We use Class Dojo to monitor and give grades for our non-academic standards – conduct, effort, and personal habits. I love that you can personalize Class Dojo for the behaviors that you are looking for. There is also a component where you can invite parents to see their progress (we don’t use this part at my school).
Image result for class dojo

iPevo – iPevo is another teacher app. As I mentioned, we are lucky to have a teacher iPad that can connect to a projector through Apple TV. We do not have document cameras at my school, but the app, iPevo, allows your iPad to turn into a document camera. It can project writing samples, work, etc on the board and there is also an option to use it like a white board. Stay tuned for a blog post on this…
Image result for ipevo app

Thanks for stopping by! Next week I’ll share some of my favorite math lessons and activities!

Friday Favorites – PD Books


For my first Friday Favorites, I will be sharing some of my favorite professional development books.  I figured this was a great time of year to share PD books because I know many of us spend some of our summer break reading them to get new ideas for our classroom.

So, here are my Favorite PD Books…

Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller
– This is one of my all time favorite PD books. Back in AZ, my literacy coach shared this book with me and we taught PD on it at the district office. Debbie covers schema, asking questions, inferring and more. She provides ideas for charts, books to use, and provides specific examples of how she taught these skills in the classroom. This is my favorite book!

Product Details
All About the Authors by Katie Wood Ray – This book is great for teachers who use Writing Workshop (whether you have Lucy Calkin’s Units of Study or not). Many ideas for how to teach writing and the importance of kids spending the majority of their time writing. Provides lesson ideas.
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Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller – Another awesome PD book especially for a first year teacher. Debbie explains her practices and the importance of teaching with intention.

Literacy Work Stations by Debbie Diller – This book is perfect for anyone wanting to use literacy stations in their classroom. Debbie walks you through the whole process from how to choose your stations, what to put in your stations, how to run your stations, etc.  This helped me set up literacy stations in my classroom when I started using them years ago.

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Math Work Stations by Debbie Diller – Great ideas in this book for using math stations in your classroom. This book is geared more towards K-2, but ideas could be made more challenging for third grade and up. She explains the set-up process and also the classroom management piece of stations. She includes many station ideas for activities and games.

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Spaces and Places by Debbie Diller – This book has amazing ideas for how to set-up your classroom. I highly recommend it for new teachers or teachers switching classrooms/schools/grades. Tons of great ideas for things to consider and think about when setting up your room!

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Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor – I love this book. It has amazing lessons and ideas for how to help kids understand the different comprehension concepts and make connections with what they are reading.  I actually did a little note-taking and sharing when I read this.  You can read all of my thoughts on this book…here

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck – A book we read as a school a few years ago. This is perfect to read as most schools are working on a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. Interesting read!

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    Check back next Friday for another edition blog post of Friday Favorites. Next Friday, I’ll be sharing my favorite class read alouds.

    Friday Favorites – New Summer Blog Series!


    I’m excited to announce a new summer blog series I’m starting tomorrow! It is called – Friday Favorites! Each Friday I will be sharing some of my favorite teaching books, items, tips, lessons, activities, etc with you.

    Here is my focus for each month:

    June – All About Books – Professional Development. Read Alouds, Kid’s Favorites, etc.

    July – Activities/Lessons and Tech Favorites

    August – All About Back to School – Supplies, Community Building Activities, and more

    Tomorrow’s blog post will focus on my favorite professional development books! Be sure to check in tomorrow to read all about my Friday Favorites!